Do you look for an added value for your events? Do you want to hold a creative and unique event? Do you need some inspiration and creative ideas for your coming event? Don’t bother yourself looking here and there for what should and shouldn’t be included or provided in your event. db Group provides an integrated set of event organization services so as to provide you with all event-related services only a click far from you. We offer you the ease of mind as we will start with you from the scratch, planning and setting a strategy for your event, together with providing all required services. You don’t need to hire more than only one services provider to handle your event as we offer you an inclusive set of services. We have a team of hand-picked professionals who are willing to serve you around the clock.

Event Planning

Do you want to hire someone to organize and plan for holding an event for your company? Do you have a conference and you cannot organize or hold it?
In db Group, we provide you with a full set of offers and packages from which you can choose the most appropriate for you.

Our services extend to include the following:

Event planning consultation.

Providing logistic information on the event.

On-site event supporting services.

Problem solving.

Other services related to the event or conference such as the propaganda either on network or in the streets.

Event Strategy & Development

Do you look for a strategy for your upcoming event? Do you want to develop your old event strategies? Do you need virgin ideas for holding your events?

db Group is dedicated to satisfy the needs and requirements of its highly-valued customers. Thanks for our long experience in event organization, we realize that it’s an extremely effective element in your marketing tools that have a great impact on the proliferation of your product and its trademark within various markets. From this point, we exert great efforts to help you organize your event in a unique manner leading to deliver unique events that drive deeper engagement with your customers before, during and after the show.
Here in db Group, we provide a full set of the basic elements to empower your event, including:
Video: video is considered an important element that has a great effect especially when you have a great number of customers or partners within one location; you can benefit from this by capturing key video testimonials about your event or your products and services. Video is also considered an effective element for marketing especially for those who unable to move to the event’s location through participating from their desktop.
Social Media: Social media at an event can sometimes be a double-edged sword; with our social media service, we ensure you the best results resulting in the success of your product through delivering your message to your customers and creating deeper customer engagement.
Virtual: it’s a service designed especially for those who are unable to attend the event in person or to produce an engaging virtual experience; we can provide you with such service so as to contribute to spreading your product and its trademark.
Content and Messaging Development Strategy: Content marketing is about the creation of great content that attracts and engages with a target group; it is about communicating with customers without the sales pitch; that is our goal, we help you reach your customers through the message delivered by your content. It’s a matter of importance to develop your content with its message included eloquently and simply in order to be delivered to your customers easily and to have a good impact on their thought.

Pre-event Project Management and Planning

  • Development and management of timelines
  • Transparent, pass-through budgeting model
  • Management of all event vendors
  • Contract negotiation
  • Full management of all logistical program elements, including but not limited to:
  • Site research and selection
  • Food and beverage planning
  • Travel management (air and ground travel)
  • Group activity planning and management
  • General session staging, production and technical requirements
  • Breakout session audio visual requirements
  • Theme décor and entertainment planning and management
  • Meeting logistics coordination
  • On-site office infrastructure
  • Speaker selection, negotiation, and management
  • Program security
  • Research and procure program amenities
  • Recruitment of professional, certified on-site staff

Attendee Communications And Management

In db Group, we look forward to success and progress through instilling our experience in everything we do; from this point, we are pleased to offer our attendee communications and management service to you in order to facilitate organization of your events, to make your guests and attendees feeling pleased and comfortable and to leave a good impression on them. This service includes some of the important elements which should be available in order to be provided in an integrated form, for example:
serve as point-of-contact for all attendees
distribute invitations by client’s choice of web registration or hard copy
create and distribute electronic confirmation letter, to include: flight & hotel arrangements, preliminary agenda, wardrobe suggestions, air and ground transportation details
follow-up phone calls as required
thank-you letters and post-event evaluations.

Post-Event Follow-Up, Analysis, And Measurement

After the event is held, it’s important to follow-up the outcomes of such event and analyze them; you have to ask yourself if the event has achieved the desired goal and measure the impact of such event on the attendees, guests and audience. To ensure successful provision of such service, db Group, through its experts and professionals, promises its clients to provide them with the post-event follow-up service to ensure the success of their events.

Event Logistics

We save your time and money, while at the same time providing you with the best event logistics that would enable you excel in your event and meet and exceed the expectations of your event attendees.
Holding conferences and forums has become one of the most effective methods of marketing. Depending on how much your event is successful, your marketing campaign will achieve the desired goals. db Group specializes in providing such event management services. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of your needs ensuring that we are still within your budget; simply, we are committed to lead you to success and maintain it. Our team of event coordinators contains a good number of hand-picked professionals dedicated to help you throughout your event.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management is some type of global marketing. Marketing is the most important pillar for any organization. Marketing campaigns are designed to help the company promote and centralize its production and management throughout multiple channels. This allows marketers to depend less on the logistics required to spread the right content and create consistent and coordinated experiences for their customers, regardless of the device or channel.
Campaign Management is not such easy task, especially if you want to run such promotion both locally and internationally. db Group provides you with all what you need to do both. Yes, we can create, spread and idealize your digital and traditional campaigns and content throughout multiple channels and overseas with the highest efficiency and impression at the lowest prices.
Through its wide and top-notch campaigns, db Group provides the following services:

  • Translate your content in a highly competitive manner.
  • Localize your content to make it understandable for your audience.
  • We can assure you that we will:
  • Establish a strong international and local campaign that will reflect on your product proliferation.
  • Get you connected to the world market.
  • Deliver your message to the whole world.
  • db Group dedicates itself to make you Global.

Conference Management

Among the wide range of services provided by db Group, we provide you with a special new highly-professional service. It is Conference Management Service. If you want to organize a highly-professional event serving your objectives, db Group is your best choice.
We provide Conference Management Service through three integrated stages, as follows:

At db Group, we do care about the requirements of each event for each customer. The above stages are a complete array of conference management; each stage might be an important component for the success of your event.

Interpretation Booth & Equipment Coordination

If you have a multilingual event, such as a conference or an exhibition, then you'll, definitely, be in need for interpretation booths and equipment.
db Group is ready to fully equip your event with top-notch booths, which would guarantee success for your event.
We can provide you with any kind of booths in addition to equipping and managing them.

Display booths:

Display booths are mainly used in trade-shows. db Group can provide its customers with trade-show booths, in addition to equipping such booths with the necessary requirements.
db Group employs a highly-experienced team who can manage booths of all events helping you produce something you would be proud of.

Photo Booths

db Group provides you with photo booth consisting of a single window containing a large viewer which provides a preview when taking photo snapshots or video clips.
In addition, we have highly-trained professionals to manage such booths. We assure you that we provide such service within your budget limits.

Video Booths

Our video booth allows your guests to record personal messages to you throughout your event. Each video will then be edited into a custom DVD for you.

Interpretation Booths

If you want to hold a multilingual conference, then you need simultaneous translation which, in turn, requires interpretation booths.
db Group provides you with the most up-to-date interpretation booths, equipped with the most up-to-date interpretation devices.
In addition, db Group has highly-experienced interpreters who can simultaneously translate to your foreign guests with a high level of quality.
As for equipment coordination, it is an essential factor for the success of your event. You may have a conference of 200 participants attending from various destinations around the world speaking different languages; yet, you have to provide the best interpretation services for your diversified audience in order to deliver your message to each them effectively and make the best of your event.
From now on, you have not to be worried at all about the equipment needed for your event; at db Group,our professional logistics team will work with you on equipment coordination in order to provide the most suitable and efficient equipment meeting your needs and requirements for the success of your event.
Furthermore, there would be nothing to be worried about as we, in db Group, will provide you with a team of our professional technicians who will work on everything relating to this process including set-up, test and follow-up operation throughout the whole process during the event progress.

Corporate Events

db Group is proud to be one of the leading event organizers; we offer a complete set of solutions to enhance your corporate events provided by a hand-picked team of planners and organizers. We provide services that go beyond the boundaries of a standard events management company. Our team starts with you from the scratch, providing you with fresh and creative ideas for your event based on the ideas you give to them. Our integrated experience and knowledge are utilized to achieve the best results and to get over any obstacles or difficulties that may be faced. Our services will be under your own request 24/7 in order to be your partners of success.
Our services extend also to include creation of event content by highly qualified experts, including the content for the following events:

  • Team building and workshops
  • Presentations and seminars
  • Organizations’ anniversaries
  • Forums of all types, political, cultural or social.


Among our services we are proud of is exhibitions as we can execute it perfectly and skillfully through a group of talented and specialized staff members who can perform and execute your mission in a high quality form with a competitive price.
db Group-executed exhibitions are characterized by the high accuracy, complete harmony and integrity. We provide our exhibitions with all tools and equipment necessary for its success. Our exhibitions include commercial and non-commercial ones, museums, art, trade shows and consumer exhibitions.
db Group provides the exhibitions it prepares with a highly qualified and experienced specialists who are able to produce an exhibition that you can feel proud of and that will contribute to the success of the materials, items and products shown.

Event Consultation

Do you want to organize an event or to plan for it? Do you need the optimum consultation to organize the best event ever? How about your event’s logistics? Are you ready enough to launch your event in a good manner? Need to identify the appropriate place for the event to be held?
Don’t go far away, db Group is very near to you to assist and give you the consultations that will help you best organize the event. db Group has a highly-qualified team of consultants who have the ability to help you within the organization of the event within your budget at the most competitive prices.
We work for your success through our precious consultations on everything in terms of event organization and preparation. db Group’s experienced staff has the expertise enough to help you organize all the events of whatever kind; such as conferences, exhibitions, courses and workshops, opening ceremonies and national events, etc. If you are ahead of organizing any of the above events, don’t hesitate to communicate with us; we’ll fulfill your desires with the optimum performance.

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