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The Best DTP Services You Can Imagine!


Desktop Publishing is


  • Beyond Layouts

Capture your brand’s image and maintain absolute consistency across languages through our reliable DTP services. To ensure maximum accuracy, we apply rigorous Post-DTP visual check making sure you have an exact mirror of your original layout in the target language.

Delivering top-notch DTP services can be challenging when dealing with (Right to Left) RTL languages, like Arabic and Persian, being translated from (Left to Right) LTR languages, like English and French. At dbGroup, our team of diligent, skillful DTP experts have wide experience and are armed with the latest DTP tools, crossing over all the technical potholes.

Be it a Mac or a PC platform, our DTP services cater to almost all languages, guaranteeing full customization of fonts, colors, graphs, images, etc. at competitive rates.


  • Redefining Quality Standards

Imagine you are having an important event coming up shortly; you prepared an eye-catchy brochure and had it translated to bring more leads and increase revenues, but the printed layout of your translated brochure is cluttered, crammed with text, and different unaesthetic fonts. You are short of time and rework is costly and will exceed your event budget.

This is likely to happen when you choose an unexperienced DTP service provider, and this is what you will NEVER experience when you choose dbGroup to take care of all your DTP needs.

Throughout more than 20 years of experience in multilingual DTP, our fully-fledged team of skillful DTP specialists has formulated innovative solutions and workarounds to overcome the many technical hurdles that arise with DTP, especially with some Middle-Eastern and African languages like Arabic and Farsi.

Supporting all character sets including bidirectional languages, working across all platforms, and utilizing state-of-the-art DTP tools, we make sure your translated documents are as appealing and visually attractive as the original text.

Deploying the latest DTP tools like InDesign, Framemaker, Photoshop, and Illustrator, we know how to tweak the layout, typeface, font size, etc. to deliver a perfect reflection of your original layout in the target language.

A few examples of our quality checklist are:

  • Correct and appealing fonts
  • The right size of text
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Correct alignment
  • Same paper size as original, unless target locale specifications require otherwise
  • Correctly used and placed punctuation marks (e.g., period, commas, quotation marks, spaces)
  • Correct typeface
  • Proper localization services of graphics and images
  • Checking for superscripts and Unicode
  • Checking for spaces around images


What Is In It For You?

We realize that one incorrectly placed punctuation mark can alter meanings and even lead to product recalls, specifically with sensitive material like marketing or pharmaceutical texts. Hence, we strictly implement our robust quality assurance steps to all DTP projects.

In addition to applying our QA procedures throughout the project’s lifecycle, a stringent post-DTP quality check is employed to guarantee a flawless DTP service.