Life science

Life Sciences

The Cure for Translation Headaches

Be it a pamphlet, research paper, package inserts, or a brochure to promote a new medical device, dbGroup provides an effective remedy for all life science translation/localization problems.

Relying on a huge network of Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) and experienced native-speaking linguists, dbGroup has been taking on a large variety of life science translation projects for more than 20 years, serving a wide range of subject matters such as medical devices, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and zoology.

When dealing with life science translations, one missing letter or an ambiguously translated word can be literally life threatening. At dbGroup, we adopt an innovative approach to life science translation/localization services through pinpointing difficulties, analyzing the target audience, and tailoring the best-fitting solutions and industry best practices to your needs, delivering lucid, highly accurate translations.

Life science linguists cut through a maze of conundrums, especially when translating from English to Arabic or other MENA languages: one of the most prominent challenges is the lack of non-English equivalents to medical or technical terms and the fact that many medical terms have Latin origin. With the recent advances in science, MENA languages usually cannot keep pace with the newly coined terms, which are often in English. Other roadblocks are the heavy usage of abbreviations, which can have different meanings and require complete understanding of the context and subject matter, and the many synonyms of the same term.

What Is In It For YOU?

An Anti-Error Quality Assurance System:

Your life science material is assigned to a team of bilingual linguists with extensive knowledge of the subject matter; the translated text is then edited and proofread by Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs), making certain translations flow smoothly with no ambiguous, misused, or obsolete technical terms and expressions. Our meticulous QA procedures guard against the common mistakes in life science translations, making sure the most widely used synonyms are used, absolute consistency is maintained, and meaning is accurately conveyed.

Intensive-Care Project Management:

A project manager is dedicated to your project keeping you updated with the project’s life cycle and progress. We provide customer care that meets, and exceeds, your expectations of adherence to deadlines, professional communication, and 24/7 responsiveness.

Life science material comes in a wide variety of forms and target audience may vary from industry’s professionals to end-users. In order to select the linguists and SMEs whose qualifications best match your requirements, our project managers start by getting a comprehensive picture of the particular medium and target audience for which your life science material is intended.

Interweaving Technology and Experience:

A life-science language service provider depending solely on linguists’ talents and dictionaries can no longer provide effective language services. This is especially true when translating to MENA languages, such as Arabic, since relying only on Arabic dictionaries for translation often lead to odd and unfamiliar terms.

With more than 2 decades of experience, a customized Translation Memory (TM), cutting-edge CAT tools, up-to-date dictionaries and glossaries, we offer translations that meet the needs of such a constantly developing industry as life science.

All-In-One Solutions with NO Side Effects

dbGroup is a one-stop shop for all life science language services including medical interpretation, transcription, website localization, and marketing translation.

If compromised quality is a common side effect of swift translation/localization, we have the experience, scalability, and linguists’ talent pool that guarantees unsurpassed-quality language services delivered on time and on budget.