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Marketing and Advertising Localization

Go Global with a Local Vision!

Considering taking a leap in profits through expanding your products/services to the flourishing your digital marketing and offline marketing?
         Whatever your industry, db Group is your reliable language service provider for all your digital and offline marketing translation needs. Our full suite of marketing translation  and localization services helps you go global while acting local.

  • Marketing and advertising translation is the trickiest. Confusing, awkward, unnatural, or, even worse, offending translations are the usual result of opting for an average-quality language service provider.
  • There are many examples of distinguished, well-known brands that fell into the trap of cultural blunders while translating their marketing material leading to drastic market share losses.
  • Think of any famous slogan or a joke and try to translate it. Most probably you will feel the meaning and style got lost in translation.


You already invested a great deal of money and efforts to create appealing, engaging, and dynamic marketing copy. If you don’t want to waste good marketing money over compromising translation quality, you have reached the right page.

db Group offers immaculate-quality marketing translations with your target customers in mind. Our customer-centered approach is most evident in marketing translation. Whether it is a brochure, catalog, banner, or product descriptions, we analyze your target audience’s cultural values and beliefs and make the necessary cultural tweaks that make your potential customers feel that your marketing material was originally written in the target language.


What Is In It For YOU?

If the numerous stories of cultural insensitivities leading to marketing translation fails have made you think twice, just don’t when entrusting db Group with your marketing translation project. db Group has a proven track record of successful marketing translation projects serving a wide array of industries.

Translating humor, slang, and other cultural intricacies that marketing material usually include is a skill mastered by a few. Providing accurate, culturally relevant translations for marketing copy is the real test for a language service provider. With extensive experience and deep cultural understanding, we are ready to undertake any marketing translation project, confident that we can help you cross linguistic and cultural barriers.

Your Brand Is In Safe Hands

Worried that while localizing your brand to the target locale, your brand might lose its identity and tone?
No worries, at db Group, we localize your brand while maintaining its style: we brandalize!


How We Brandalize?

  1. Our handpicked native-speaking linguists are scrutinized before joining our network. We make sure all linguists have extensive subject-matter expertise, passion for marketing, and deep cultural awareness. Our marketing translators not only master the source and target languages but also have the creativity and writing skills required to customize your marketing material while keeping your brand identity intact.
  2. A translation memory (TM) is tailor-built for each client, showing repetitive words and their translations in the target language, which ensures absolute consistency, cost-effectiveness, and fast turnarounds.
  3. Marketing translations can be time-consuming. We distinguish ourselves by balancing high quality and short turnarounds. With more than 20 years of experience and utilizing groundbreaking CAT tools, db Group has built an automated workflow that streamlines work processes. Workflow is monitored by skillful, experienced project managers who initially set a roadmap and a well-structured plan for each project. This eliminates any costly delays due to poorly organized schedules.

What Is In It For YOU?
Our dedicated project managers work on getting a complete picture of your brand’s style, tone, and identity and effectively communicate this with the team allocated for your project. We keep you updated with the project’s progress and milestones and efficiently implement any comments/feedback from your side. Our experience and commitment to delivering the highest-quality marketing translation allow us to strike the balance between adapting your marketing copy to the target locale and preserving your brand identity.


Mark Your Marketing Success

  • With the headquarters in one of the most dynamic cities in the MENA region, Dubai, UAE, an office at the heart of the Middle East, Cairo, Egypt, and offices in the UK and Germany, db Group applies global standards while having wide local expertise in the MENA market.
  • The MENA market is linguistically and culturally diverse. Though Arabic is the most commonly spoken language, each country, or sometimes city, speaks a different dialect of Arabic. If Modern Standard Arabic (the standard and literary variety of Arabic used in writing and in formal speech in the Arab world) can be the best choice for an Instructions Manual, it is not necessarily the best when you are translating a brochure to market for a fashion brand, for instance. In other instances, the most suitable choice is a mixture of colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).
  • At db Group, we analyze your target locale and target audience, understand the goals of your marketing material, and accordingly recommend the dialect that will best resonate with your potential customers, helping you communicate your message effectively and ultimately increase your ROI.

We support all varieties and dialects of Arabic and other MENA languages through a huge talent pool of in-country, native speaking linguists.

What Is In It For YOU?

We tailor our workflow and resources to fit your marketing translation needs. Before swinging into action, we agree with you on all the details including which dialect, register, and style best fit your marketing translation goals. We embrace the MENA market linguistic and cultural diversity and turn it from a challenge to an opportunity through supporting all dialects of the MENA languages.

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