Legal Insight, Language Dexterity

dbGroup provides certified legal translation services handling your legal translation needs with the dexterity of well-versed lawyers and target-language masters: our native-speaking linguists are legal translators. Your legal translation project is assigned only to in-country native speakers with wide subject-matter expertise. We know legal terminology can be tricky especially when translating to MENA languages since many terms might not have exact equivalents. Our certified linguists are armed with cutting-edge terminology management software, solving the linguistic conundrums of legal translations.


What Is In It For YOU?

An Oath of Commitment and Confidentiality:

We are committed to providing best translations service quality in a timely manner; we never miss a deadline. We make sure to translate legal documents with supreme accuracy while taking heed of the target country’s legal intricacies and the style and format unique to each type of legal documents.

We are aware of how sensitive your legal documents are, and we make sure absolute confidentiality is maintained at all stages of the project. We apply extremely strict policies to secure your information and data, among which is having all our team members sign non-disclosure agreements.

Evidence of Unparalleled Quality:

Throughout more than 27 years of experience, dbGroup provided translation services for legal documents translation and has handled a wide variety of legal documents’ translation projects; whether a certificate, license, permit, or a business contract. We guarantee unparalleled quality legal translation services.

A small mistake can turn your translated legal document void or compromise the legal rights of any of the parties involved. dbGroup guarantees the absolute accuracy. Your legal translations go through rigorous quality assurance steps making sure grammar, punctuation, and lexicon precisely reflect the meaning, leaving no room for loopholes.

Law Abiding Language Services

With in-country linguists well versed in the laws and regulations of the target locale and a stringent quality assurance process, we ensure legal translations that conform to the target locale’s specific legal and regulatory framework.