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Transcriptions Services


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Whether it is a medical conference, celebrity interview, or court hearing, dbGroup offers high-quality transcription services for MENA languages, English, and German catering to a broad range of industries.

Transcription is converting speech into a written or electronic text document, and it is often an underestimated service: it takes much more than language mastery and good listening skills to deliver accurate transcriptions on time and on a budget: A poor-quality audio with background noise, tight deadlines, highly confidential recordings, a mixture of different languages and accents in the same audio, and multiple file formats are a few examples of the hurdles a transcription service provider has to jump over.

Throughout over 2 decades of experience, dbGroup has dealt with a huge variety of transcription projects. We have the know-how and utilize the latest technologies, delivering verbatim transcriptions that exactly match our clients’ needs.

All our transcriptions services have the relevant subject-matter expertise that enables them to understand industry-specific terminology and expressions. We stand out by the meticulous quality assurance process we implement: not only do we diligently revise the written transcript against the audio files but also we check for the tiniest details like the correct spelling of names.

dbGroup is your reliable transcription service provider: We have the resources and scalability required to meet tight deadlines, accept all file formats, and are ready to handle any audio/video no matter how difficult, all at highly affordable rates.


What Is In It For You?

If you are searching for a language service partner that can provide fast, accurate, and affordable transcription services, search no more. Your audio/video files are allocated only to a team of experienced transcriptionists that speak the language(s) and accent(s) of your recordings and have extensive subject-matter expertise. We deliver no less than 100% accurate transcriptions at highly competitive rates.


We Say Exactly What You Say

Each transcription project has its unique requirements: clients may opt for verbatim transcriptions where not only words but also non-verbal utterances such as pauses, hesitations, laughter, etc. are faithfully included in the written reports to be delivered. This is especially useful when transcribing testimonies for legal purposes or in analyzing behaviors for research purposes. On the other hand, non-verbatim transcriptions better serve educational and business purposes where the main focus is what is said not how it is said.

Whether your needs best fit a verbatim or a non-verbatim transcription, we make sure our workflow is tailored to match your exact requirements.


What Is In It For You?

We provide both verbatim and non-verbatim transcriptions adhering to our clients’ needs. We meet your expectations of 100% faithful transcriptions and absolute commitment to deadlines.

At dbGroup, we take extreme measures to ensure complete confidentiality; your most sensitive data is highly secure.