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Since 1996

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Document Translation

Certified document translation services will make you ready to speak to more than 300 million users in the MENA region.


db group offers premium-quality document translation services in all Middle-Eastern North African languages including Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and Turkish, helping you reach out to your target audience in the burgeoning MENA market.

Providing translation services for more than 20 years with offices based at the heart of the MENA region, we have a wide network of experienced native-speaking linguists eager to take on any certified document translation project no matter how tight the time constraints can be.

Bringing Innovation to Translation

Because “missing a deadline” doesn’t exist in our dictionary, we are keen on investing in the latest technologies and state-of-the-art terminology management software that bring the hard-to-achieve balance of accuracy, consistency, and time efficiency while considerably cutting down on costs: We utilize translation memory tools customized to each client’s projects.

At db-Group, innovation has an even broader meaning: not only do we leverage cutting-edge translation tools but also we make sure our huge talent pool of handpicked linguists and project managers includes only those who have a passion for innovation, resonating with our core value of continuously pursuing translation service excellence. With more than 20 years of experience, at db-Group we have worked on a wide variety of projects and we know that a “one-size fits all” solution never works efficiently: though we have compiled and applied industry’s best practices and international standards throughout our years of experience, we constantly stay up to date and tailor them to our clients’ needs.

What Is In It For You?

We realize how only an hour delay can drastically affect your business and compromise your chances of seizing business opportunities…we are not just service providers; we are an extension of your team. Taking advantage of our unrivaled-quality document translation services, you will say goodbye to style inconsistencies and extending deadlines.

We Speak Your Industry’s Language

Each industry has its own unique set of jargon and terminology that only a subject-matter expert can fully understand and accurately convey in another language; that’s why at db-group your project is assigned for native-speaking linguists with extensive subject-matter expertise. We cater to a wide range of industries such as automotive, legal, and medical industries.

What Is In It For You?

While terminology management and translation tools can help translate, for instance, a medical term, only a veteran linguist with industry-specific knowledge will know the most suitable, most commonly used equivalently in another language.

No more unnatural, obsolete, or awkward translations that your target audience might not relate to.

Where Quality Is NOT JUST a Word

The word “quality” can be easily translated to any language, but translating “quality” into every step of the process is the challenge we rise to. At db-group, quality is our first priority: we adopt and adhere to rigorous quality assurance procedures where translations are extensively edited and proofread by native speakers of the target language with deep cultural understanding and wide subject-matter expertise.


What Is In It For You?

We know you must have come across localization translation services providers that claim the highest-quality translation services yet deliver poorly translated documents where meaning is not accurately reflected nor adapted to the target audience’s cultural nuances.

At db-group, quality is not just a word we claim…It is an intrinsic part of our corporate culture. Scrutinizing linguists before they join our team and applying strict quality assurance processes, we guarantee delivering the top quality you expect.


We Listen So You Would Speak to Your Target Audience

We believe it all starts with effective communication: our diligent project managers carefully listen to your needs, fully grasp your project’s objectives, and effectively respond to your questions and concerns.

With a project manager dedicated to your project and acting as a focal point of communication, we remain highly responsive to your inquiries, amendments, and feedback.

What Is In It For You?

A hassle-free translation service will free you to focus on your core business. Jumping over communication hurdles, costly delays due to incomplete understanding of your project will no longer exist.