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Taking advantage of cheaper labour costs and gaining access to local markets, arms companies are shifting their production overseas. With the defence spending in the MENA region expected to rise to around $180bn by 2020, military expenditures in the region continue to be high, with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates among the world's top 10 defence spenders.

According to a recent survey of defence-industry executives, the Middle East is today’s most attractive international market.


For more than 24 year

we have known for our high level of accuracy and confidentiality, we have been entrusted by governments and leading companies to handle all kinds of military translation and localization needs ranging from technical manuals and product catalogues to tenders and emails.

With our headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and an office in Cairo, Egypt, we are at the hub of the MENA defence and military market.


What are the difficulties we face?

Though it can be hard for an unexperienced language service provider to find native-speaking linguists who have not only the linguistic qualifications but also the wide experience in a very specific sector such as the military, our almost a quarter of a century of experience has allowed us to create a wide talent pool of highly qualified native-speaking linguists with established expertise of the military-specific context and terminology.

Our hand-picked linguists go through a rigorous screening process before joining our network, making sure they have the right qualifications and skills required to provide the highest-quality military translations.


Accurate, Swift, Confidential

We understand how crucial confidentiality is while dealing with military translations, so all our team members sign non-disclosure agreements and we apply extremely strict policies and procedures to ensure data security


What Is In It For YOU?

dbGroup is where you get fast, accurate military translations at affordable rates while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. Our turnkey services cover all your language service needs sparing you the hassle of following up with more than one language service provider.