Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

A Reservoir of Translation Expertise

Holding 40% of the world’s conventional gas reserves and with oil reserves accounting for about one-half of the world’s proven oil in the past six decades, the Middle East is the centre of the global oil & gas market.

The Oil & Gas industry operates on a global scale, entailing a constantly rising demand for reliable translation and localization services.

Based at the heart of MENA: UAE and Egypt, and specializing in translating between MENA languages, English, and German , dbGroup is your gate to the burgeoning oil & gas MENA market. Drawing on a wealth of experience in translation and localization, we provide language services for oil and gas major international players such as Shell and Qatar Petroleum.

With a huge network of experienced native-speaking linguists, we assign your project to only subject-matter experts that fully understand the specific terminology and jargon of the oil and gas industry. We cater to the many facets of the oil and gas industry, handling all types of industry-specific documents, such as installation manuals, drilling expedition reports, seismic studies, and tenders. Our turnkey solutions include non-technical translation & localization services as well; namely, website and software localization, e-learning localization, multimedia localization, and desktop publishing.

Oil and gas translators must have the experience, knowledge, and skills that enable them to avoid the many pitfalls on the way to accurate translations that speak your target audiences’ languages: One of the major pitfalls is the regulations and standards unique to each country; a translator has to be fully aware of the target country’s safety codes and regulatory requirements in order to make sure the translated document comply with them; otherwise, translations can be rejected resulting in a complete waste of time and money. Another   difficulty is staying up to date with the developments and changes in The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA), approaches to assess the impact of oil and gas industry on the environment and society. This necessitates broad knowledge of legal and financial contexts and terms.

Translation Refinery

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, there is no room for mistakes. One mistake can lead to grave consequences: A mistranslated word can get the meaning lost which might result in misuse of equipment endangering the safety of end-users.

Our robust quality assurance process checks for accuracy and consistency down to the tiniest detail, making sure your message is precisely conveyed in the target language.

Investing in top-notch technologies, terminology software, and CAT tools, we keep pace with the tight deadlines of the oil and gas industries. We understand that a one-day, or even one-hour, delay can cost millions in such a time-sensitive industry as the oil and gas.

What Is In It For YOU?

Accept nothing less than top-quality oil and gas translation & localization services.

What should oil and gas companies be looking for in their language service partner?

Extensive experience, rigorous quality assurance process, automated workflow supervised by dedicated project managers, and highly qualified native-speaking linguists with subject-matter expertise. dbGroup offers all this and more, delivering immaculate oil and gas language services.