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Let Your Global Voice Cut Through Language Barriers


You have a meeting, conference, or a workshop with guests and attendees speaking different languages; you confidently voiced your opinions and made your point clear, in your mother tongue, waited for the interpreter to speak your ideas in your attendees’ native language, the interpreter spoke, and then awkward silence and confused facial expressions are noticed. The interpreter you hired might have conveyed your message inaccurately, didn’t take heed of your guests’ cultural nuances, or miscommunicated industry-specific terms and expressions.

This is what is likely to happen when you choose an unexperienced interpretation service provider, and this what will NEVER happen when you rely on dbGroup’s world-class interpretation services. dbGroup provides first-class consecutive and simultaneous interpretation & translation services from/to English, German, and MENA languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.


We provide the best language Interpretation services


Our trained, certified, and experienced interpreters are our pillar of success. We select bilingual interpreters with consummate language and communication skills. Before joining our network, interpreters’ abilities to make correct, instant decisions are extensively tested. With the dexterity of maestros, our resourceful project managers allocate your interpretation project only to interpreters with wide subject-matter experience, making sure industry-specific terminology is accurately conveyed in the target language.

Our project managers also make sure interpreters are armed with glossaries of the subject-matter, layout a plan ahead of your event, and skillfully manage to provide high-quality equipment including cabinets, booths, headsets, microphones, etc., guaranteeing that nothing goes wrong in your event.


What Is In It For YOU?

Based at the MENA hub of conferences, fairs, and events, Dubai, UAE, dbGroup breaks down language and cultural barriers through:

  • Accurate meaning at all times: Our interpreters pay close attention to the context of speech and have the experience and language mastery needed to faithfully convey your message even if it includes difficult idiomatic expressions, bringing immaculate-quality interpretation.

  • Top-quality equipment: We offer turnkey interpretation services including providing the best-quality sound equipment. Any industry, any accent: drawing from a huge network of talented interpreters, we expand to cover almost all industries such as government, life sciences, and law. If your event’s guests/attendees speak different dialects of the same language, we make certain the interpreters selected master all target dialects.

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