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About Us

dbGroup is a joint stock multisector business support corporation with offices in UAE, Egypt, UK and Germany providing creative solutions for IT Development, Multilingual Content, PR & Events, Business Advisory and Media Excellence. Our content products are either exclusive to specific clients or developed to public audience and are carefully designed to satisfy clients’ need for reliable industry insights that drive their business strategies and decision making processes. db Group sponsors a number of development projects & initiatives to enhance the market conditions, position the db brand as a regional industry benchmark and maximize our investors’ profitability.

Our Services

Our comprehensive set of language services cater for all your translation & localization needs; if you are launching a product in a new market and you need to translate and localize your marketing material, website, application, and instructions manual, dbGroup is your one-stop shop. We save you the time and effort of communicating and following up with more than one language service provider. With automated, streamlined workflow and 23 years of experience, we can undertake large-volume projects, while delivering the same high quality across all services. Reaching your language service provider to communicate your inquires and feedback whenever you want is no longer a hassle. We provide the “care” in customer care. We are 24/7 responsive with professional project & account managers dedicated to your project and acting as a focal point of communication.

Document Translation

Certified document translation services will make you ready to speak to more than 300 million users in the MENA region.


db group offers premium-quality document translation services in all Middle-Eastern North Afr

Website Localization

Website Localization Services Help To Attract Your Audience At First Sight!


It is a wide wide web world!  db group helps you reach out to your target audience in a digital world by offering h

Game Localization

Game Localization Services will help you to Go Global with a Local Vision!

Play beyond Language Barriers

db-group offers top-quality game localization services, giving your passionate gamers an equa


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 How can you make sure that the quality of translation and localization services meets your customers’ expectations?

    The first thing you should be looking for is the quality assurance process of your language service provider. You need to get straight, clear answers for some core questions that can help you determine whether the quality claimed is the quality you will get. One of the most important questions is “how do you hire the right linguists for my project?”
    Thanks to our huge pool of experienced translators, our project managers assign your project only to in-country, native-speaking translators with solid expertise of the subject matter.We owe our success to our pool of translators who act as guardians of quality. Unlike many language service providers, our process strictly requires translators to revise their own work before submitting it to editors and proofreaders.

  • 2 We believe that our translators

    At dbGroup, we believe that our translators are the backbone of our premium translation & localization services; our translators adhere to the industry best practice of trying to do things right the first time so that editors and proofreaders wouldn’t need to make drastic changes in translations, minimizing costs and avoiding costly rework.
    We have stringent criteria and qualifications that translators have to meet before joining our team: for example, all translators have to be experienced with relevant academic background and proven expertise of the subject matter. All translators pass through rigorous screening, guaranteeing that only highly qualified translators are to be hired.

  • 3 We start by a kick-off meeting

    We start by a kick-off meeting with the production and project management teams to select the translation team that best matches the goals of your translation project, making certain all translators have the required experience and solid subject-matter expertise.[/TS-VCSC-Icon-Box-Tiny][TS-VCSC-Icon-Box-Tiny

  • 4 Our checklist includes but is not limited to

    Contextual correctness: is the translation put into the correct context?

    Mistranslations: are the ideas and messages of the source precisely conveyed?

    Additions/omissions: is there any omitted or added letter or punctuation mark?

    Terminology: are the most accurate equivalents used or are they awkward to the target audience?

    Rendering: Do graphics, text, and images display properly?

    Register: are the same level of formality and the brand tone in source text conveyed in the target text? 

    Measurements, Currencies, and dates: e.g., yards vs. meters

    Freedom of translation: are there literal translations that don’t sound natural to the target audience? Or are translations natural and they flow smoothly but don’t faithfully reflect the source text?

  • 5 Our checklist includes but is not limited to

    Cultural: does the translation include any expressions, graphics, images, colors, or icons that are culturally inappropriate in the target locale?

    Consistency: are repeated words translated consistently when used in the same context?

    Ambiguity: is the translation clear and void of ambiguous terms and expressions?

    Style:g., contracts, patents, and brochures should have totally different styles.

    Punctuation: are all commas, periods, question marks, etc. placed and displayed properly?

    Spelling: Are all the words that wouldn’t be marked by spell checkers written with the correct spelling? e.g., “where” and “were” (they sound the same and are both correct but give different meanings)

    Diacritics: Arabic, for example, is a language where diacritics are used, which can sometimes change the meaning of a word and thus of a sentence entirely if misplaced.

    Upper-/lowercase: is uppercasing used in the target language? In some languages, such as Arabic, there is no up


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