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Document Translation

Certified document translation services will make you ready to speak to more than 300 million users in the MENA region.


db group offers premium-quality document translation services in all Middle-Eastern North Afr

Website Localization

Website Localization Services Help To Attract Your Audience At First Sight!


It is a wide wide web world!  db group helps you reach out to your target audience in a digital world by offering h

Game Localization

Game Localization Services will help you to Go Global with a Local Vision!

Play beyond Language Barriers

db-group offers top-quality game localization services, giving your passionate gamers an equa

E-Learning Localization

Revenue earning through “E-learning”

With the rise of the Internet and the wider access of learners to courses online, E learning is booming on an unprecedented scale.

Statistics show a 50% increase in the product

Marketing and Advertising Localization

Go Global with a Local Vision!

Considering taking a leap in profits through expanding your products/services to the flourishing your digital marketing and offline marketing?
         Whatever you


Let Your Global Voice Cut Through Language Barriers


You have a meeting, conference, or a workshop with guests and attendees speaking different languages; you confidently voiced your opinions and made your point clear,

Multimedia Localization

A Multidimensional Approach to Multimedia Localization

db Group is a one-stop shop for all your multimedia localization needs including dubbing, voiceover, and video localization. We apply a holistic, multidimensional


Transcriptions Services


Reliable, Real-Time, Responsive

Whether it is a medical conference, celebrity interview, or court hearing, dbGroup offers high-quality transcription services for MEN

Desktop Publishing DTP

The Best DTP Services You Can Imagine!


Desktop Publishing is


  • Beyond Layouts

Capture your brand’s im