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Website Localization

Website Localization Services Help To Attract Your Audience At First Sight!


It is a wide wide web world!  db group helps you reach out to your target audience in a digital world by offering high-quality website localization services that rise up to the challenges of a fast-paced global market and increasingly demanding customers.

With the Internet penetration rising to 56.4% in the Middle East, a great percentage of which search using their mother tongue (54% of Google searches in MENA are now made in Arabic), having your website speak your target locale’s language is no longer an option.

Website localization takes much more than translating content: it requires complete cultural adaptation to the target audience while staying faithful to the brand identity, tone, and style.

At db group, we have what it takes to deliver a localized website tailored to your target audience’s cultural nuances, engaging your website visitors and ultimately increasing Conversion Rates and ROI.


What is Website Localization?

Is the process of adapting the local language, culture, appearance, and functionality of a website into a different linguistic and cultural context for foreign language markets. 


Comprehensive Cultural Adaptation+ Innovative Technology Utilization + Rigorous QA Validation= World-Class Website Localization


With more than 20 years of experience in the translation and localization industry, at db group we have solved the website localization equation through an extensive analysis of the equation variables:

1- Comprehensive Cultural Adaptation

What appeals to your website visitors in Europe might be irrelevant or even offensive to your target audience in the MENA market. For instance, an image of a woman wearing revealing attire might not resonate well with the traditions in Saudi Arabia; however, images of families are quite appealing to MENA customers in general since family is highly valued in the MENA region. Adding to the challenge, the MENA market is diverse and cultural norms can greatly vary not only on the country level but also on the city level; for example within the UAE, Dubai and Sharjah differ immensely between their social norms, traditions, and consumer mix since the Sharjah emirate is inhabited by more local Emiratis, unlike Dubai where tourists and expatriates contribute to a less conservative lifestyle.

These cultural and societal discrepancies must be taken into consideration to capture your website visitor's attention.

At db group, all our linguists are in-country native speakers who have a deep cultural understanding of your target audience.

Cultural Adaptation and how it affects localization services?

We remove the biggest obstacle to reaching your target audience through your website: cultural insensitivity. Many global brands have fallen into the trap of underestimating the importance of cultural tweaks and adjustments while localizing your website. That will NEVER happen when you entrust db group with your website localization needs. At db group, website localization encompasses content, images, icons, dates, currencies, etc., making sure not even the tiniest detail is left out.


2- Innovative Technology Utilization

Website localization can be daunting, time-consuming, and ineffective if you rely on an unexperienced language service provider, especially when translating from LTR (Left to Right) languages like English and German to RTL (Right to Left) languages such as Arabic and Persian, where the direction of not only text but also images, tables, graphs, etc. has to be changed. Moreover, some MENA languages, such as Arabic, are bidirectional; that is, letters are written RTL while numbers are written LTR. Text expansion is another major hurdle: translating from English to Arabic results in 25% text expansion, posing additional technical challenges.

At db group, we use Unicode to display special characters and invest in groundbreaking technologies, crossing over the technical potholes on the way to a world-class website localization service.

Utilizing terminology software and translation memory tailored to each client, we guarantee absolute commitment to deadlines, short turnarounds, and maximum accuracy and consistency at highly competitive rates.

The great impact of technology utilization on your website localization services?

Making sure your localized website is up and running with no technical problems disengaging your website visitors is a key to decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates. Whether it is a desktop or a mobile platform, we provide online testing ensuring the optimal functionality of your localized website.


3- Rigorous QA Validation

With the many complex steps and the maze of details involved in the website localization process, only a unique QA model can guarantee an error-free localized website.

Our QA process checks accuracy, naturalness, tone, and style of the translation of the website content; cultural customization; formatting; layout; page encoding, down to the smallest detail.


Why quality assurance is that important when it comes to the best localization services?

When it comes to localizing a website, we know how to do it right! Count on our expertise and punctiliously implemented QA process and lift the burden of rework and costly delays off your shoulders by opting for an error-free, hassle-free service.


World-Class Website Localization = Successful Market Penetration

Same as it is vital to speak to your customers through your website in their native language, it is crucial to understand that one language can be spoken with different dialects in different target locales. An evident example is Arabic, which has many dialects and some of them are mutually unintelligible. Though Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is well-understood by all Arabic speakers, frequently it is too formal especially if the website is targeting youth or the brand tone is informal. Deciding on whether to have your website localized to MSA, your target locale’s dialect or a mixture of both can have a huge impact on the success of your market expansion plan.

Our project managers work on extensively analyzing the goals of your market expansion plans and professionally communicate the project’s updates and progress, making sure your localized website caters to successful market penetration.