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E-Learning Localization

Revenue earning through “E-learning”

With the rise of the Internet and the wider access of learners to courses online, E learning is booming on an unprecedented scale.

Statistics show a 50% increase in the productivity of workers taking advantage of E learning, and when compared to classroom-based learning, businesses save between 50% and 70% in costs when utilizing eLearning. International corporates have taken advantage of E learning as an easier, more affordable, and more effective way to train and develop their employees spread around the world.

So your learners can login to get access to your E learning courses wherever they are, but are they getting the same quality of training?

Same like it is ineffective to have a trainer that speaks Russian deliver a course to English speaking learners, providing your E learning material to your learners in a language other than their mother tongue is unproductive. This is where the benefits of E learning localization come in. E learning localization boosts your credibility and increases employee satisfaction by showing your employees that you can speak to them no matter what their language is.

db group offers unsurpassed-quality elearning localization services catering to a wide array of industries, such as finance, law, and healthcare. We do it all, software translation and localization, website localization services, game localization, localizing text, images, videos, subtitles, games, scientific materials, and voiceover.


What Is In It For YOU?


  • Extensive Cultural Knowledge

You already invested a great deal of money and efforts to create engaging E learning course materials; the last thing you want is to waste this money over poorly localized E learning course materials that doesn't resonate with your learners' cultural nuances.

Learners need to relate to the content, images, videos, logos, colors, etc. to effectively retain information. Without deep cultural understanding, localized E learning course materials might seem irrelevant, especially that usually E learning course materials includes examples: using a blizzard as an example of natural disasters would be hard to relate to if the target locale is the Gulf countries, where it hardly ever snows.

With a huge network of native-speaking linguists having extensive subject-matter expertise and solid cultural knowledge, we make sure your learners get a learning experience that is as engaging and effective as the one provided by the source material.


  • Excellent Quality

Whether it is corporate training material, guidelines, and instructions or an educational e-learning website, we guarantee the unrivaled quality of deliverables. Throughout more than 2 decades of experience, we have worked on a large variety of E-learning projects: we have the know-how and apply industry best practices, bringing accuracy and consistency across all E-learning localization projects. 


The E-learning localization process is complex and multilayered with many technical and linguistic stumbling blocks to balancing quality and fast turnaround time. With a seamless workflow, our localization engineers, graphic designers, linguists, and project managers work in close collaboration while quality is assured at each step starting from text extraction to translation, compiling, testing, and delivery. Only a native speaker with subject-matter expertise reviews, edits, and fine-tunes copy, ensuring culturally appropriate, immaculate translations.


The last thing you want is wasting good localization money over a crammed or jumbled layout. Our QA process is robust: Our quality assurance team checks for layout, design, embedded text, graphics, and icons, making sure obstacles like text expansion and reversing language direction (RTL/LTR) are properly resolved.


  • Exceptional Customer Service

We are not just your localization service providers; we are partners. Stemming from this belief, we are highly responsive.

You can always reach us and communicate updates, concerns, or questions. A project manager is always dedicated to your E learning localization project acting as a focal point of communication. Misunderstanding the aims and details of an E-learning project can lead to costly delays or a poor-quality localization service. At db group, we start by analyzing your project and professionally communicate your project’s schedule and roadmap.

Our strong track record and a long list of global, distinguished clients are yet another proof of customer service Excellency and a 100% guaranteed commitment to deadlines, no matter how tight.


  • End-to-End Service

db group provides turnkey e learning solutions for all your E learning localization needs. We know how daunting, time-consuming, and inefficient it is to give bits and pieces of your E learning material to more than one language service provider, where copy is translated by one language service provider and voice-over is handled by another.

Our full suite of localization services including translation, multimedia localization, and voice over save you time and money.

With Translation Memory (TM) tailored to each client, repetitive words are recognized, which cuts down on costs. We also leverage top-notch technologies and terminology management software, delivering the best-quality E learning localization services on time and on budget.

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