The MENA Market Is Just a Click Away With Our Best E-commerce Translation Services


With the ease to compare products, a wide range of better offers, and reviews available online, the E-commerce industry is witnessing a quantum leap, and the Middle East market is no exception.

If you are interested to know to what extent the MENA E-Commerce market  is growing and how it affects Increasing revenue, check the below facts:


Advantages Of E-Commerce Translation Services



What Is In It For You?

Thanks to the wide Internet penetration, the huge percentage of the young population, and the high spending power, the E-commerce market in MENA is growing exponentially. The right time to reach your MENA potential buyers is NOW. Grasp the opportunity to dramatically increase your revenues and entrust dbGroup with all your translation and localization needs.


How We Stand Out?

All our linguists are in-country native speakers with profound cultural knowledge. We understand the MENA audience and tailor your needs to fit their preferences; for instance, Middle Eastern consumers are image-driven. We make sure that not only content but also images are culturally appropriate and of the highest quality.

The collectivistic culture prevails in the MENA market, where MENA consumers value the opinions of their peers and family before making a purchase decision and many times purchase the same item together, resulting in high items per transaction outcomes for the brand. This entails a deeper look into the unique cultural nuances and purchase behavior of your MENA audience. Only a local eye can provide this. For example, an image of a celebrity wearing revealing clothes and smelling perfume is not the best to promote a perfume as it doesn’t match the traditions of many MENA customers. Customizing images is just one aspect of the many details we, at dbGroup, take into consideration, such as dates, currencies, icons, colors, dialect, idioms, and slang.

With the infinite options provided, the region’s consumers are becoming very demanding. We are aware of that and we ensure your target audience’s online shopping experience is hassle-free. Your website or any other online platform is rigorously tested guaranteeing it is bug-free and headache-free.

Our turnkey E-commerce translation and localization services save you the time and effort consumed when assigning your project to more than one language service provider. Ranging from software and website localization to marketing translation, we have what it takes to make you reach your target locale.

Consumers in the MENA market are receptive to marketing communications; In Kuwait, for example, 45% of people say that they are tempted to buy products they've seen advertised, compared with just 17% in France. If this means anything, your marketing communication can make or break your endeavors to reach the MENA market. That is why at dbGroup, we employ the industry’s best practices, more than 2 decades of experience, top-notch technologies, and a team of highly qualified linguists and localization engineers to help you get your marketing message across maintaining your brand identity while making sure it resonates and appeals to the MENA target audience.