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The Middle East and Africa is the No. 2 region in terms of the number of mobile phone owners, with 123.7 million smartphone users and revenue from smartphone sales amounting to 42.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. The number of internet users has recently soared reaching 142 million. With the rapid technology developments, the MENA region is heavily investing in improving mobile broadband infrastructure, including 4G & 5G deployment; the total IT infrastructure revenue in MENA rose significantly.

dbGroup helps you reach the booming IT&Telecom MENA market through providing comprehensive language support including software and website localization and document, multimedia, and legal translations supporting all MENA languages such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Hebrew.

What Is In It For YOU?

The MENA market offers great opportunities for IT and Telecom international players; your target audience expect that you speak their languages; meet their expectations through relying on a language service provider that understands your industry’s intricate details, style, and culture. dbGroup has more than 20 years of experience in translation & localization with a proven track record of delivering high-quality translation & localization services in a timely fashion and at highly competitive rates.

A Firewall against Translation Errors

We implement ISO quality standards making sure that every step in the process of each department is adhering to our rigorous quality assurance procedures. We scrupulously pay attention to the smallest details that ultimately make the biggest difference: we localize currencies, images, icons, dates, etc. At dbGroup, we bring deep cultural awareness to translation and localization services, making certain translations resonate with your target audience’s cultural norms and beliefs.

Your translation/localization project is assigned to native speakers of the target language with sound knowledge of not only IT & Telecom industry but also the specific subject-matter terminology and jargon.

The IT & Telecom industry is all about technology. To keep up with the quantum leap in the IT & Telecom technology, at dbGroup, we adopt a technology-driven, result-oriented approach to all our language services, leveraging cutting-edge translation tools and terminology management software.

We have the know-hows and experience that enable us to overcome the technical difficulties of translating between Right to Left (RTL) languages such as Arabic and Farsi and Left to Right (LTR) languages like English and German, while effectively handling other technical issues such as extracting text and text expansion.

What Is In It For YOU?

Whether it is a product manual, online help, electronic database, or marketing brochures, dbGroup’s turnkey translation and localization services add value to your products/services and give you the competitive edge needed in a highly competitive industry through helping you cross the language and culture bridge to your target locale. We are not just service providers; we team up with you, always putting your best interests ahead. With over 2 decades of experience, tech-savvy localization engineers, native-speaking linguists with extensive subject-matter expertise, a meticulous quality assurance process, and the latest technologies, expect nothing short of unsurpassed IT & Telecom translation and localization services delivered on time and within budget.