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Game Localization

Game Localization Services will help you to Go Global with a Local Vision!

Play beyond Language Barriers

db-group offers top-quality game localization services, giving your passionate gamers an equally enjoyable and engaging experience across different languages and cultures. We are a one-stop shop for all your game localization needs including translation & localization of texts, icons, graphics, colors, etc., as well as dubbing, subtitling, and voiceover. With a wide network of highly qualified native-speaking linguists, who are also gaming nerds, a meticulously applied QA process, and more than 2 decades of experience in the localization industry, we deliver quality game localization services serving all MENA languages, such as Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Urdu, English, and German.

Play It Smart

With the gaming sector in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region growing faster than the global average and set to triple in size to US$4.4 billion by 2022, the time cannot be riper for investing in the booming MENA games market.

If you are still wondering why the MENA gaming market is outpacing leading market players like Korea, take a look at the facts below:

Numbers can speak a million words:

  • The Middle Eastern gaming industry is likely worth somewhere between $1 billion and $2.6 billion in terms of revenue across software and hardware
  • Saudi Arabia is the top spender when it comes to games, with 25, 540000$, exceeding the USA.
  • Huge youth population: the majority of the population is younger than 25, for example, 51% of the Saudi Arabian population is under 21 years old and a further 37% are under 14 years
  • High level of disposable income especially in Turkey and the Gulf States
  • The increasing availability of payment methods like credit and prepaid cards
  • Internet penetration: 141,489,765   Internet users in the Middle East. Within the last 2 years Internet penetration has grown on average by 228%


  • Penetration of Facebook: 76,000,000 Facebook users in the Middle East


  • Smartphone penetration: In Saudi Arabia alone mobile search is growing at 200%
  • In many MENA countries, the average number of mobile devices per person is more than one -- over two, in some areas.
  • MENA is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, earning over $100 million in revenue from online gaming alone
  • According to Newzoo’s 2012 Games Market Revenue Report, the MENA region has the highest compound annual growth rate compared to all other regions in the world, at 21% CAGR, 3 times as high as the global CAGR.
  • The Middle East is currently at an expected annual growth rate of 29%.
  • Arab Gulf countries have among the world's highest average daily revenue per user
  • It is estimated that there are 1.6 billion Internet users worldwide that play games, 38 per cent of which are from the Arab world, and that is increasing.

What Is In It For YOU?

The MENA market is considered a "gold rush" for the games industry. With the fierce competition in the gaming industry, expanding your game to the burgeoning MENA market is a smart move that can dramatically increase your revenues only through accurate, culturally sensitive localization to your target locale’s language.

Stay Ahead of the Game

No market is as fast-paced as gaming. With the shorter attention span of nowadays’ game players and games being easily subject to piracy, game developers can no longer afford to miss game release deadlines; moreover, they can’t afford releasing localized versions long after the original game, leading to the revolutionary, yet challenging, concept of sim-ship; that is, simultaneously shipping games to multiple markets.

At db-group, we help you stay ahead of the game through providing sim-ship game localization services: our expert localization team works closely with you acting as an extension of your company.

Though Sim-Ship game localization boosts your ROI, it poses multi-layered challenges to linguists, as they have to translate fragmented texts without context and they almost never get access to the game.

Our more than 20 years of experience in localization enabled us to secure the keys to optimal sim-ship localization services.

  • Scrupulous Quality Assurance

Our strict QA steps are diligently applied while adapting our QA model to fit the unique needs of games localization, making sure any inaccuracies that might result from translating incomplete texts are eliminated.

  • Game-Savvy Linguists

Only a game-savvy linguist can understand the unique gaming terminology and have the creativity to visualize the game while translating dialogues, UI, etc. Our highly qualified native-speaking linguists go through rigorous screening before joining our network, making sure they have not only the highest linguistic qualifications but also the creativity and passion of game players and extensive knowledge of games terminology and jargon.

  • Resourceful Project Managers

Project managers are more of movie directors, coordinating, supervising, pinpointing pitfalls to come up with the best solutions, and acting as a focal point of communication between the many teams involved in game localization: engineers, designers, and linguists. With the several impediments to delivering the best-quality game localization service in a timely fashion, especially Sim-Ship localization, project managers play a vital role in streamlining workflow and making sure your localized game is perfectly functional, error-free , and comprehensively adapted to the target audience.

Our resourceful, dedicated project managers efficiently communicate with our clients, getting all the information and details required to completely understand the unique needs of each project.

What Is In It For YOU?

You don’t have to settle for poor- or average-quality game localization services while simultaneously shipping (sim-ship) your game to multiple target markets. At db-group, we keep pace with the tight deadlines in the gaming industry without compromising quality and consistency.

It Is NOT Just a Game

When it comes to games, translation is not enough: we comprehensively adjust your game to fit your target audience’s taste and cultural norms.

For instance, the Middle-Eastern audience will not relate much to a game with western-looking characters celebrating Easter; adjusting holidays, celebrations, and other culturally related factors is an intrinsic element in the success formula of game localization. In addition, in Germany, extremely strict regulations against blood and gore, profanity, and symbols associated with racial hatred are applied, so if each locale’s specific policies are disregarded, the game might not be approved or it can lead to game recall and drastic financial losses.

We take your game seriously: Relying solely on in-country, native speaking linguists with extensive cultural knowledge, we apply the necessary cultural tweaks that guarantee your game players feel like the game is meant for them no matter the language they speak.

What Is In It For YOU?

Games usually include slang, humor, and gaming jargon that can easily get lost in a word-for-word translation, rendering awkward, unnatural translations that disrupt your game players’ experience.

Thanks to our huge talent pool of native-speaking linguists and scrupulous QA checks, we make sure your localized game is culturally appropriate and adheres to the target locale’s regulations.

Outplay Your Competitors

Some Middle-eastern languages are Right to Left (RTL), such as Arabic and Persian, as opposed to most languages like English and German, which are written Left to Right (LTR). This usually adds technical difficulties and entails adjustment of not only texts but also graphics, icons, etc. Additionally, text considerably expands while translating from English to Arabic, for example. This is particularly problematic while localizing Mobile games, where the small screen doesn’t allow for much space and linguists sometimes have to make hard choices between the most appropriate word and the synonym that will take less space.

These technical pitfalls can jeopardize the functionality of your localized game, unless overcome by a reliable, experienced game localization service provider.

db-group supports RTL and LTR languages; we utilize state-of-the-art technologies and apply industry best practices removing all the technical obstacles whatever the platform is.

What Is In It For YOU?

No matter the platform, type of game (AAA OR MMO), or direction of the target language (RTL/LTR), we take care of all your game localization requirements, delivering equally functional, equally engaging games across languages. At db-group your localized game is rigorously tested to make sure it is user-friendly before it hits the target market.

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